California, Here I Come…

Headed to California next week to spend a week with Andi, my oldest daughter.  I try to be the ”  helpful, fun, and loving Mother”…squeezing all of those traits in one week.  I have been assigned a couple of tasks by one of my best friends….daughters do become your very best friends…I am so lucky as I have not one but 2 best friends.

1.  Make 120 burlap/monogrammed bags…will be fun.  I have been promised 2 sewing machines and several assistants to train…This should be fun once we get our production line set…Great way to know more of Andi’s friends.  All I have to take is my pattern.  Bags will be used as gift bags for Young Life Donors gifts.

2. Arrange a wall of photos on the wooden pallets Andi has in her foyer…I have collected a few items of interest from my lower level to take…slowing moving more from OHIO to Cal. and Az.

3.  Deck her home for the holidays…Andi loves Christmas decorations…esp. LIGHTS.  She always did the outside lights at our house…so many…never enough…fuses would blow, bulbs would burn out…Andi was outside on a ladder or under the trees looking for the problem…She was the holiday electrician.  So…I only have so much room in my bag…what do I need.  Just ran out to Prairie House in New Albany to get 2 bunches of holiday greens…This is a staple I must have.  I have several boxes in our lower level….I don’t have a name or brand but it is amazing…you can cut to smaller pieces, wire together, place on shelf or in a container, or even create an upside down tree on your chandelier…  Also taking my wire cutters and floral wire.  And when I get there…spray paint, sticks and small branches from her yard, left over burlap, and I am hoping we can drive over  to Lake Tahoe to get some huge pine cones…I have some that I love and use each year…they are enormous in size…I will also take a few bags of our pine cones from our trees…small but great to fill jars, etc.

I will take some pictures to share…….so check back to see what evolves…evolves is the key word.  Message to all clients…I am a phone call or email away…just remember the time change…I don’t think well in the middle of the night.




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  1. I look forward to meeting you somewhere between the burlap, holiday lights, and other fun projects!! Your name is sprinkled through many of Andi and my conversations. ‘Emma’ is becoming a household name around here! (;

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