Always an Adventure with Andi in California!!!

So I am back home…and I have a phone full of photos to share.  Being in California with Andi, our oldest daughter, is always an adventure….I have photos to prove this point:

This is Andi at the annual Shoot and Soup on a farm outside of Sacremento…so much like Southern OHIO…and I know you think I have a huge imagination…but watching my cousins and father shoot flying targets…clay pigeons…was a pretty common site on holidays.  This event had a little twist…each girl…only women are invited to this party, must bring a crock pot of soup to plug-in this long electrical outlet…I think we had over 20 some pots.  Each guests shoots at clay pigeons or pumpkins in a field…the men on this farm do the instructing and clean up!  No, I did not shoot but I sampled soup and some desserts.  Good time for all.  Saw an angry EMU…what a big bird standing up…and some mountain goats.

On another very early morning….. I was a $13.00 tag along for a Falconry Class.  Next class is hunting with Falcons…glad I will be back in OHIO.  So the Falcon’s biggest weapon is their claws…watching raw meat be sliced and diced and Falcon’s flying from student to student in this class…not for me.

Another fun day…I met one of my California blog followers…(new term).  Here we are at Starbucks.Hi Carrie!  I enjoyed meeting you…catching up on Real Estate Business and then some good ideas will be coming your way!



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2 responses to “Always an Adventure with Andi in California!!!

  1. Oh Emma!!! To be pictured with you in the blog tickled me ((: Sharing a cup of coffee with you was a blast!!! We had plenty to talk about. Thank goodness for blogs to ramble even more!! Enjoy your Thanksgiving and keep the blogs coming!

  2. Andi Yanok

    I might really be a freak of nature… at least I keep your life interesting!
    Love you!

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