Decking the Halls on a Limited Budget and with Limited Time

I was given the job of decorating Andi’s house in California last week…She will be in Ohio but a good friend’s family will be staying in her house…they are visiting their first grandchild…hopefully he will be here before she wanted her house to be extra special for these folks from “Michigan”.

My supplies included:

  • A few odds and ends from boxes of Holiday Decorations from dorm rooms, several apartments, and last year…Andi does not throw anything away.  Best finds…bright red ornaments, large silver bells…some holiday greens, white lights.
  • Silver spray paint
  • Left over burlap and twine  (scraps from making 100 burlap bags for Young Life gift bags)
  • Pine cones from OHIO…actually the Yanok yard
  • Tree limbs from Andi’s backyard

Love her Foyer…Wooden Shipping Palettes…so easy to change everything without worry of new holes in wall, etc.   Greenery…a few red ornaments, candles…and Merry Christmas!

Greens, lights, silver pine cones, and large bow from burlap scraps…so easy to make and so inexpensive…fringe the ends of the strip of burlap and tie with twine…

Burlap..tree limbs sprayed, pine cones…

Silver tree limbs, silver bells tied to branch with twine, burlap bow…

We had a theme going on here…natural materials and silver…And now…I need to get back in the holiday mood to get things decked at home.  60 degree weather on Friday..put the outdoor lights up or play golf…what will it take to get George up on a ladder?    Happy Holidays!



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