Yes, There is a Santa Claus…

I just left a listing after taking off the electronic lock box……the property is going to be off the market until Feb. 1, 2012.     I sold this property to a “single lady”…only a few years ago.  Since then, she has married and they now have 2 little girls.  The family wants to move back home to be near grandparents before school starts next fall.  I did feel a little guilty when all or at least many of their toys were packed up so the house could be ready to show in a few minutes.   Their property always shows like a model…even with both parents working…spotless!  But now in the holiday season,  keeping a property in A+ condition is a little more than stressful.

The girls shared having breakfast with Santa…the real Santa…giving me hard evidence of how they knew he was the official one and only Santa.  Each had sparkly nails, sparkly shoes, sparkly ribbons…and a list of more “sparkly” items they knew Santa would bring.  I could feel the excitement in the air…we are talking December 5…twenty more days to go.  Oh, I do remember those days.  It was always an exciting time when George and I played the Santa part…we were so clever or our girls were great actresses…probably a little of both.

How could I be so excited…haven’t sold the property and we are taking it off the market??????   These little girls BELIEVE!

   AFTER Christmas…..


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