Ponderosa Pine Cones…Hiding at Lake Tahoe…Recommend Marriott Timberline South Lake Tahoe

I love using natural materials to decorate during the holidays or actually anytime during the year.  Ponderosa Pine Cones…so pretty anywhere…and I have some that are a few years old…sprayed gold, silver, and/or white……left natural…love them in containers…added to a wreath…or just sitting on a table.

I had the opportunity to gather great pinecones while hiding at Lake Tahoe…and why would I be hiding…The Story Begins.

Operation Surprise Andi for her 30th Bday began when Emily and I got Evites for a Surprise Party for Andi in early November.

Phase One… We booked our flights.  No hesitation…the Yanoks had to be there!

Phase Two …George and I would fly to Sacramento from Ohio …drive to Lake Tahoe or San Franscisco…depending on the weather and hide

Phase Three… We return to Sacremento, pick Emily up at the airport…coming in from Scottsdale…and meet for lunch for further planning.

Phase Four …Check in hotel a few miles from Andi’s house, nap and get ready for the next phase

Phase Five … George drops Emily off at the party site 30 minutes after  the official beginning of the party.

Phase Six …George drops Emma off at the party site 15 minutes after Emily arrives at the party.

Phase Seven…George parks car and arrives at the party.  Mission Complete.  Andi was surprised!  Andi has some fantastic friends that had planned a wonderful party.

So as you can guess…I gathered my 2011 Special Andi Collection of Pine Cones while in hiding.  I am sure I will use them for the next few years and always remember this weekend.


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