My Favorite OLD Treasures…appear at Christmas…

      This is a old Christmas Greeting from Schmitt’s Dairy…my family had a dairy in Waverly, Ohio…and yes they did deliver milk to your doorstep.  I found these a few years ago…and had them framed for my brother and myself…Always brings back great memories…











Other fun things to bring out for the holidays…dolls and books, favorite toys, Christmas decorations that our girls made and the list could go on…the doll on the right belonged to my Grandma Kay…I did get her some new hair but other that that she is the original…

Another holiday favorite…my Great Grandmother’s RED Christmas dishes…We still use them every Christmas Eve…No German food as before but a Slovakian Meal with George as our Chef… always fantastic…and we all help…I am the dishwasher…the girls are the sous chefs…

Love seeing the some of the red plates in the kitchen during the holidays…Christmas is so much about tradition…do you need to purchase holiday decorations?  Maybe you need to select some favorite traditions as the decor…more meaningful and can be very pretty too…Love the Holidays!  Merry Christmas to all.


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