Giving Forward to Build a Better Community…Young Life is One Choice

As a parent and high school teacher, I had the opportunity to see and hear about all the great things an organization called YOUNG LIFE did in our community.  My first real experience was holding “club” at our house a few years back in the 90’s to see what Young Life was all about so I would know first hand what this group of teens were doing out on a School Night.  I choose to partner financially with Young Life because they are an organization that cares deeply about kids in the community.  I appreciate that Young Life leaders volunteer their time to be a positive role model for high school and middle school kids to follow and learn from.  I like that Young Life is an inclusive club that accepts any student and carries no cost to the student belong.

As a REMAX Realtor, I donate part of my sales commission for every transaction to Young Life.  I want to live in a world where others care about each other and good things happen on a daily basis.

At the beginning of  2012, you too may want to think of ways you can give your time, ideas, and/or funds to help others in your community…there are so many organizations that need our help.


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