Free Design Classes…Pottery Barn Offers…Check Your Store

Thought I would check out the Free Design Classes Pottery Barn Offers…at my closest store at Easton Town Center in Columbus, Ohio.  You can register by phone or email…Class Schedule includes:

How to Design Your Dream Bedroom           Januuary 15

How to Set Up Your New Home                      January 22

How to Accessorize Your Home                      February 5

How to Throw The Perfect Party                     March 25

The class started at 10…lasted about an hour…and then I had an hour in the store to browse…10% off of everything, even sale items.

Main Ideas Covered:

  • Start with white or ivory bedding, add color with pillows, coverlets, etc. to change up for the season.
  • They use 2 inserts for their duvets…that is why they always look so plush!
  • It is good to collect pages from magazines and look for trends in things you like…color, style   I always suggest this to buyers that are building a house or moving to an existing house.  If you collect your “favorites” for a while, you will see trends.
  • Get your husband under control when selecting colors…so funny.  There was only one man in our class…he was with his wife….several theories were shared…but he was so outnumbered…  This reminded me of when I am selling Real Estate in Columbus, Ohio.  Who makes the final decision?  9 times out of 10…if Mama isn’t happy, no one is.
  • Paint color should be selected last.  You can always find or create paint color to match anything.  Pottery Barn has free paint samples…pick one up.  Their colors are always safe.  You can always buy your favorite brand, but you will have a good color…also check out Restoration Hardware paint colors.

I am looking forward to the next three classes.  I know I will gain some ideas from instructor and others in the class.  Pottery Barn Catalog is a great source of ideas.  I tear pages out when I think I might find a new use for something in my “lower level” of treasures or when helping a client see the potential of a room.

2012 is looking good so far for Real Estate in Columbus, Ohio.  I am glad to say I have been too busy to blog.  I am excited to meet with a client Monday that has never been to Columbus.  She really didn’t believe me when I told her that you can get to our airport within 20 minutes from almost any part of our city.  Yes, we are the biggest city in Ohio, but we are still a small town.  How do I explain that you can live in Columbus, have a Gahanna mailing address and go to Westerville schools?

Glad to be back…Saw a new magazine at bookstore Friday night on Blogging.  Sorry I left you for so long…..not a good thing according to the magazine.


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