Out and About in Columbus, Ohio this weekend!

Just checked out Buckeye Hall of Fame Grill in the Grandview Yard last night, the last night of Columbus Restaurant Week.  I was a little disappointed…food was just ok.  And being from a family that has enjoyed attending the games for generations…I was also disappointed at the memorabilia in the restaurant.  I will try it again…maybe this week is a bad week to review a restaurant.  I will say our service was exellent.  Funny sidebar…my 88 year old mother called me several times during dinner…”She couldn’t find the OSU Ballgame on her TV.”…I suggested she use her call button to get a attendent to come to her room and find her Buckeyes.

Today I did attend the second FREE Class at Potterybarn at Easton.  Great class again.  How to Set Up Your New Home

What I learned:

You can register when you buy a home for an Open House Party…even if you aren’t having a party.  It is just like a bridal/wedding register.  You get 10% off everything for 6 months.  I really liked Sharon Andrews, our instructor today…very helpful and I think she would be great at coaching and helping to plan out a house… I have noticed many of my younger clients want to buy an entire house or room of furniture immediatly after buying the house….and they end up with rooms that look like they just bought the display in a store…very predictable, somewhat boring, and not much of “them” in the room.  I think you have to live in a house before you can start to make it look and feel like home.  Impulse buying may delay creating your living space.

I also was pleased to see so many casual china/dinnerware choices and glass ware that were reasonably priced.  How many times do I use my Lenox china, crystal and silver that most couples registered for back in the day?  Even though my patterns are plain…I prefer mixing pieces I have found at flea markets, pottery, and treasures from my great grandmother, grandmother and mother and mother-in-law.  Much more fun.

We also talked about centerpieces for tables…does not have to be flowers…Can be a collection of things you like or collect…even clocks.  Suggested items for place cards and favors for guests to take home.  So much fun to make the table more you.  I love setting the table for guests…so glad that I live with a chef that enjoys making the dinner.

2 FREE classes left…How to Accessorize Your Home 2/5 and How to Throw The Perfect Party 3/25

So excited today to take a former Westerville North Warrior out to see Real Estate Columbus, Ohio today.  First time buyer so they will get so much free information, entertainment, and I hope a great house for a great price.  Never help anyone buy something that I can’t sell later…good rule for me to always remember.   I would much prefer looking at Real Estate today as opposed to watching football.

Hope you enjoy your day.


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