Gathering More Ideas…

Pottery Barn Accessories Class…worth my time.  Met Sharon Andrews, Design Studio Specialist at Easton Town Center.  Sharon is very warm, friendly, and talented…definitely going to recommend her to my Real Estate Clients.  In helping a recent relo, my buyer admired a table (Arhaus) and of course I knew where the table came from…next day out I gave her a catalog.  In conversation, she wants me to find her a designer that doesn’t just sell “her store” but give ideas from other sources and also help create a plan.  She has small children…I always try to explain that no matter how wonderful your children are…things might just happen.  It is often more wise to purchase a few things along the way rather than all at once.  Personal style may change and children do grow up.

    Bungalow  Home has been in the Short North for a few years…but  now they have 2 new locations: Powell and New Albany.  So the story goes, (from a fairly reliable source) the owner bought the contents of an old factory…and the inventory began.  Very interesting ideas…took some photos to share with you.

Great Silver Table…with distressed look…Silver Spray Paint???











So how did they get the hole in the top???  This did inspire me to cut a rope in our garage and create a new look…Got to do something different after all the holiday decor is stored away…in my lower level.

A new word for accessories in my lower level…I call them junk…Sharon Andrews calls accessories that are stored for later use…Old Friends.  I am not sure George considers my ???? in the lower level Old Friends.   Enjoy your Old Friends.




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