More Low Cost Ideas…Training for Camelback…

Camelback Mountain  Taking the steps to my office, 2 at a time, treadmill is on an incline, and trying to get rid of some extra “baggage”.  In a weak moment, over a glass of wine, during the holidays, I set a goal of climbing Camelback Mountain, one more time with Emily…my “goalsetting daughter”.  I did complete this 1.5 climb when in Az. for a parent weekend…but the difference this time is I know where I am going.  I am five years older, and I clearly remember the trip up and down…..actually coming down was the most treacherous for me…I knew if I started falling…there would be no stopping…..and twisting an ankle or earning a knee replacement???  Why did I ever read “The Little Train” to my daughters…I Think I Can, I Think I Can, I Think I Can.  I promise to take photos when I get up to the top and I think I can.

Found some great Pillow at Pottery Barn…very pricey but honestly I looked everywhere and this was by far the best choice for updating our sofa…Idea…I found matchng napkins (same exact print) for $7.00.  So I plan to back the napkins with burlap and create 4 smaller pillows…adds texture, and saves $$.



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