I am BACK Again…and they say the market is not good???

Busy…very busy…too busy to blog.  Love meeting the people and seeing very interesting properties…and can you believe my clients soon become my friends.  Actually having second annual wine tasting party with my veterinarian friends.  Hate to stereotype clients, but they are the best…kind, patient, and have fantastic stories.  Who else has to leave during a home inspection to help with the autopsy of a gorilla?  Actually showed over 122 properties in the last 4 days..rule of thumb..if you know this isn’t HOME SWEET HOME, we are on to the next property.  When clients have the expense of travel for 2 days, I think I owe them a good home show…..and a little entertainment.

Coolest Doors in a Renovated Property

Loved seeing these doors in a totally renovated property…I want to live here…so fantastic!

Loved this idea too…neatly stacked firewood in the fireplace…not functional but looked great!

Bungalow in AZ.  You know I love the Bungalow in the Short North, Powell, and New Albany and just happened to stop in The Bungalow in Scottsdale.   Prices here make our local Bungalow seem like the Bargain Basment…but some good ideas.

Layering junk…quality junk…love the look…only when I come home from showing totally contemporary, clean line, industrial type properties…I have to remove a couple of things for a few days.   I am so thankful George doesn’t see these places…he would call 1-800-JUNK and my treasures would be gone.

Just a few more family stories:  Most of my friends have grandchildren..I am a patient woman and do not want to rush my daughters in any way.  I love my granddogs and enjoy my family just the way it is for right now…but have you ever experienced face time with a dog?

This is Henry…we had quality time the other night…It really didn’t seem so odd until I was sharing this experience with George…oh well it was fun…Emily, Henry, and I were having fun.

And now I am BRAGGING….check out Andi Yanok Photography…she just updated her WEBSITE …..love looking at her work.

See you later…Columbus Ohio Homes for Sale!


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