Saint Joseph and Houses for Sale in Columbus, Ohio

Just had a client return my sign, information about the area, extra brochures, lock box, and at the bottom of the package I found a little box with a statue of Saint Joseph.  I do remember a former neighbor, that buried a statue and soon their house sold.  According to the instructions on the box, “Saint Joseph, husband of Mary, and foster-father of Jesus, knew all about moving, selling homes, and finding new ones!  …Eighteenth century nuns buried Saint Joseph medals, asking his help locating land for convents.  Encouraged by God’s favorable response, people began buying statues instead of medals.”  I did sell the former client’s house in 13 days so maybe…just maybe there is something to this.   Actually I think it was because the property was priced , staged and marketed to sell.  BUT… the ground is not frozen, and I have a listing that needs a buyer.  I have a showing tomorrow morning…when I go to turn on the lights and bring some fresh flowers…you will find me in the backyard with Saint Joseph, a shovel, and I will be reading the instructions on the literature in the box.                 

I will keep you posted…..I am interested in hearing any related stories.





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