YES, I am a LITTLE Crazy…Henry, My Grandson, and LEXIE too.

This is Henry on one of his recent visits…  He is an unusal fellow, so loving, and look, he even matches our new, sisal carpet.  Just recently, I agreed, very willingly to babysit Henry for a little over a month.  I am his favorite grandmother…he only has one.  I am flying from OHIO to Az. for a 48 hour visit to bring Henry back to OHIO for his time with Grandma and Grandpa Yanok.

After booking my flight, his mother informed me I needed to reserve a spot for Henry on my flight.  Can you even imagine if I fly out to Az. and there isn’t a reserved spot for Henry on my return???  When I called Southwest I was asked the following questions:

  • How many animals will you be flying with?  I can think of several passangers I have sat with before that might be considered animals but I replied, one 6 lb. dog.
  • Do you have a waterproof carrier?  Yes, of course.
  • Can you animal stand up in the carrier?  I am not really sure.  Knowing his mother, he may have an IPAD to watch a movie.
  • Can he turn around in his carrier?  I am not sure again.  He is a frequent flyer.
  • Last question was a demand…Please bath your animal before you travel.

So I am laughing and sharing the questions with Emily, explaining that I was somewhat offended that the airlines think my grandson smells…She texts me back, Mom, I think Henry smells like a sunny day…and I have smelled some humans that need to take a shower before boarding.

RULES for HENRY’s Visit

  • Do not let Henry out without a collar, harness, and leash…this is a 6 lb. dog.  I understand the rule…Grandpa Yanok does NOT understand the rule.  He lets Henry run on the golf course behind our house…chasing deer, golfers, geese, whatever.  Then he bribes him back to our house with some type of forbidden treat.  I have warned him, “If anything happens to Henry, you may never see your grandchildren.”
  • Do not leave Henry home alone for long periods of time.  That is pretty manageable.  I will take him to visit my mother…he will be very popular in the Facility where she is living now…these elderly people love to see dogs…he is very cute!
  • Call the Vet. immediately if Henry looks like he might need medical attention.  This is easy.  I have 5  veterinarians  that are past clients that assured me they will be on call if need be.  They have all been great consultants from time to time when I pass on questions and concerns…only the best for Henry.

I have to treat all family members alike….This is my grandaughter, Lexie…she is my California Gal.  She is not a frequent flyer…she spends her vacation time…when her MOM is in OHIO…I mean owner…Andi thinks this is all ridiculous… at a fish farm.  Lexie has a great friend there, her own kennel, plenty of ponds with fish to chase, and she gets a spa treatment before she goes home with Andi.  Lexie is a free spirit…yes a true California Girl.

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  1. I am Lexi’s mom & yes she gets regular spa treatments at our ranch 🙂 I LOVED everything you wrote!!!!

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