Economizing/Decorating in Columbus Ohio Homes for Sale

Always looking for inexpensive ways to decorate and/or stage homes.  I have this huge stash of “stuff” in my lower level…all is transitional or should I say recyclable…  I just bought some new sisal rugs for our kitchen…before I have even used them, they are now in a vacant listing that needs something…along with some pottery that I forgot where I put it…also some fantastic, artificial cactus that I bought in Az. on my last trip.  Back to my lastest easy idea to simplify bookcases…I stopped at the Second Hand Book Store yesterday to buy a “yard of books” for $20.oo.  Unfortuneately, the collection or sets of books they had were all pretty ugly in color, but I thought I would cover them with fabric or paper and they would be just fine.  Today, I was ready to stage a bookshelf and I simply turned the covers inside out…kind of…and they look great…kind of like scrolls.  Take a look…pushed them to the back of the shelf and you can’t even see the tops or red covers.

Also saw some great ribbon…at $50.00 a roll…stiched bunnies and birds…very pretty but $50?????  I suggest making burlap ribbon (See Christmas Burlap Bows from December Blog) and stenciling whatever you want…Fast, easy, and inexpensive.


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