Hypertufa Troughs…Still Learning and Earning

   One thing I like about selling Real Estate is BREAK TIME.  Some days it is Changing the Laundry, could be Facebook,  but yesterday it was attending a class at Innis Gardens in Westerville.  If you know me, you would easily know that I LOVE being around people.  So on the days I am on the phone and/or computer, I need to reward myself with these short breaks.  I have always loved troughs that help make a garden look like it has been there for years…..these troughs are not inexpensive…so the class was a demonstration with a recipe for the cement mixture.  One small problem, you can’t purchase Portland Cement in small bags…just wait until George sees the cement mixing truck coming towards our driveway.

     Ingredients: Sphagnum Peat Moss, Perlite, Vermiculite or Sand, Portland Cement, Fibermesh from a cement company, and concrete coloring if you want a color.  There are many different recipes available…but I don’t think it will be too difficult.  One Hour Class…FREE

Plant Sale is Coming UP…Talk about established perennials?  May 5-6  Garden to Kitchen..April 11…Container Gardening April 17.  There are numerous programs for children too.

                   Love these pots too….

One more idea…I bought some great flower pots/long window boxes ($7)  last Fall at the Habit for Humanity Warehouse.  Check in your area…they have some great “stuff” for gardens…old windows, doors, etc. 

                                Happy Gardening……..


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