All in a Day’s Work…Columbus Real Estate

        I want to be a Heroine soon…The Case of the Lost (not kidnapped) white elephant.  Thursday morning I pick up a new family at their hotel….. Dad, Mom, and the cutest little guy carrying a white elephant.  As they are all new to the U.S. and therefore our community, I am trying to make them feel welcome.  Being tired from a flight from England via Iceland via NYC to Columbus, Ohio, they were all a little tired but eager to jump in  my car and look for their American Home.  So tired, but this little guy…3 years old..with the bluest eyes and dark, curly hair followed us everywhere clutching his little white elephant.  Knowing this must be a special toy, I tried to remember to make sure he had his one possession from home as I turned out lights, left my business card, locked all doors…and set my navigation for the next property.   I had a great day…great family…fun time…all is well at my house.

I wake up the next day, and while having my coffee like any good REALTOR, check my email.  Oh no…an email from my new family.  “Will you please check your backseat to see if there is a little, white elephant on the floor?”  NO WHERE TO BE FOUND!   As I was still rescheduling showings to get the day set, I quickly emailed all the listing agents from the day before…asking them to help me start the search.

When I picked the family up…they had a little trouble getting everyone to sleep but they were still in good spirits.  They explained the elephant wasn’t lost forever???!!  I had to share a story with the parents…a few years ago…probably 22 or so, Emily, our youngest took Baby Alive to Disney World over Christmas Vacation.  Yes, Santa had brought this special doll that did all these human like things…including sucking.  Well, Baby Alive didn’t make it to our hotel.  George called the limo company.  Luckily, the driver had driven down to Miami but was coming back to Orlando.  Baby Alive was kidnapped!!!  You know the rest of the story.  Baby Alive did make it back to OHIO.

I did take my new family  to meet some former clients of mine…now my friends (this seems to always happen).  They will soon be working together and I thought it would be great for them to meet before the first day of work.  As I shared the story of the lost elephant, the children’s father suggested they look in their toy chest for a stuffed animal to give to my new little friend.  There were lots of smiles and a little guy clutching a little bear the rest of the day.

Well…if you see a slightly worn, white, stuffed elephant, please let me know.  He is very special of course.  He was given to this child at the hospital when he was born.  I have not given up…Persistance is a good quality for a REALTOR.


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