Research Schools First…Columbus Real Estate…

I am always very pleased when a client comes to me with questions about school districts.  It lets me know they value education.  After being a public school educator for over 30 years, I too think  education/school is one of the most important criteria for selecting a home.  In the last eight years as a REALTOR, I can provide information but it is illegal for me to recommend any school district.  Recently I was asked by a client to gather information about 2 different school districts in the Columbus area…not an usual request.  Even though each district has websites, my clients wanted information when they arrived to Columbus.  They had searched the internet before ever meeting me and had selected their final 2 suburbs to search for a property.  I called both districts.  I had two very different experiences.

District One:  Compiled a packet with current information about the school district, newsletters, calendars, and an invitation to upcoming school events.  The district representative shared that he would be attending a conference but would leave his business card with his contact information so my client could schedule a meeting to learn more about the district, ask specific questions, and arrange to tour any buildings and interview administrators.

District Two:  I called  the Welcome Center and left my number.  I did not get a return call.  I stopped at the Welcome Center and was told they had no information to give to a new family.  All information is on the website.  I was somewhat frustrated and decided to make a stop at the Central Office.  I ask for some information and was told to help myself to a calendar and a postcard.  The receptionist then shared with me that the district was just too crowded and really didn’t need any more students.

Where do you think my family decided to purchase a property and spend their tax money?




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