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I have been too busy to blog…yes the market is much better…selling all of my inventory.  I have actually had 4 people ask me in the last 4 days…what happened to your blog?  So I am back this afternoon.  I have been thinking about the difference in Technology as a tool and how this has changed in the last “few” years… Actually have a new client that has their 4-year-old eat dinner and breakfast  via Skype with her grandparents every day…wondering why the child doesn’t pay attention to the grandparents…I am wondering if the grandparents ever take a nap…  Sometimes when showing properties to parents, the children get tired, it may be too cold or rainy, and I sit in the car with the children…some of these vans are like amusement parks…truly.  What happened to books, puzzles, Legos??

    Back in the day, we had baby monitors…just a kind of fuzzy sound that let you know your child was safe in his/her little bed…yes with those scary bumper pads, and sides of the bed that went up and down.   Today…watch the video, record your child…all from the next room…maybe just skype…togetherness 24/7???  So all the bedrooms don’t have to be on the same floor…5 level splits…a good compromise.

It seems once a week at least…(listening Yanok sisters?) I have someone ask me how can I survive without my children living in Ohio.  The answer is…technology.  And that has certainly changed…we had a surprise phone bill when Andi left for college…not knowing the expense of her long distance plan…oh dear…several thousand dollars.  She would call, and carry the phone with her as she went out to dinner, etc. or call and talk to me when she was walking home from class/library at night…so I could protect her…AZ to OHIO…I am so thankful I never had to hear her scream.

And texting…I had to learn to text a few years back..because of my first time buyers.  And now, I don’t text when driving…too dangerous.   Texting is a good way to say I LOVE YOU to my girls without interrupting their day.

I enjoy a photo sent to my phone, “Mom, should I buy this?  Will it go in this room, etc.”  Sometimes I still do wake up calls…to make sure an overtired daughter doesn’t miss a flight or meeting.  Love taking photos of great decorating ideas that I see when touring a property so I can remember.

Purchase contracts without technology?  So easy to do business now from where ever you may be.  I can’t imagine carrying around a huge book of listings to show my clients…now just my phone or Ipad.

Without my navigation system…I would be lost when showing properties…what a help…I am very kind to her…I depend on her every day.


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