How Can Some”body” Change My Life So Much?

It all started when Emily asked us to babysit Henry for a few weeks as she was going to be traveling and wanted her “child” to be in quality care.    Henry is her 5 year old Chihuahua so being the wonderful “Grandmother” I am, I traveled to Scottsdale and brought the baby back home…along with 5 lbs. of food not to be found in Ohio, special treats, his teddy bear, new harness so we don’t break his trachea and a strong warning…actually several strong warnings…that if anything should happen to Henry due to our carelessness….well we would never see our grandchildren in the future.

Henry already to board!

He was very well behaved on the flight to proud of my granddog   Emily and I had discussed that a couple of baby gates would be great to keep Henry on washable floors just in case an accident should off to the store I went and then a good friend offered to loan me a gate so I am ready to give Henry freedom.

I try to make the trip to see my mother once a week.  She loves all dogs so I thought Henry could go too…very good in the car…good with all the residents.  I always take my mother out to eat…gives her a little break…85 degree day.  I couldn’t leave Henry in the car or disappoint my mother so I ask if Henry and my mother could be served on the patio…Henry does not qualify as a seeing eye dog but he is so cute…

Henry being served a drink…See the advantages of being so cute!

After the first day, I needed to get back to work on my schedule…so I decided to put Henry to work…He is very personable, friendly, and full of energy sooo REALTOR???

Henry at WORK!

Love the little guy…hated leaving him for long hours on some days.  Emily is back in the U.S. but won’t be coming through Ohio for 2 more weeks…who knows…if he sells one more property…I will have to reward him again.  Can you imagine us with Grandchildren?


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