The Power of a TRUCK at the Springfield Antique Show and Flea Market … Start YOUR Engines

   Thanks to my brother and sister-in-law, I had my first experience driving a truck and the joy of knowing I could buy anything that would fit in the back…such POWER and JOY.  Springfield Antique Show and Flea Market is sooooo much fun….last weekend but Sept. 14-16 is the next Extravaganza…the same weekend as Country Living Fair at the Ohio Village.  Mark those dates!

    Good place to get ideas, see trends, and find treasures. This year, chalkboard paint…and numbers were everywhere…Chalkboard paint on middle of silver tray…write messages, menu, greetings…easy.  Silver trays…$5-$9.  Black numbers stenciled on dishes, wine glasses, tin buckets…

Even though George doesn’t think I have a shopping list or any  direction to my trip…I usually do.  This year, I am transforming my “TEA Garden” to a WINE Garden”.  My  little garden has always been a little less predictable and/or symetrical than other gardens along the golf course.  I wanted a table that had some character…that would help set the mood for a relaxed evening.

School Lab Table Complete with Engravings..Signatures from Clay High School

More treasures…silver candle sticks…large piece of wooden column.  The wooden many  uses…I like setting a table with serving dishes being different heights, setting candles on, hold glass, drink dispenser, plant stand, bookends…and the list goes on…

More Great Ideas…music as placemats, collections with lace, twine…Next Monday…Sunbury Ohio Flea Market…not as many venders as they used to have but FANTASTIC Homemade Ice Cream at the Methodist Church Stand…..Always a great breakfast. 


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