Sunbury, Ohio Flea Market 5/28/12

In getting outdoor furniture out this last week……started thinking of some past, great finds at the Sunbury Flea Market…other than homemade ice cream.    The table/hutch sitting on our back deck…bought a few years ago…It has been green, black, and now the same color as trim on our house.  It was actually a display shelf for a vender at the Sunbury Flea Market…









And then this little chest was a treasure…was inside, now used as a planter outside…Also bought the white table a few years ago…use it as a coffee table..I think it was all of $25. It does have a good story behind it.  My friend’s daughter and her boyfriend went to Sunbury with me.  When coming home, the boyfriend was being polite and offered to carry the table to our garage.  George was having one of his “we don’t need any more junk” fits in the driveway.  We still laugh when we think of this poor kid trembling in his shoes…He didn’t know whether he should run, drop the table, or be brave and put the table in the garage.  This boyfriend is long gone, but I still have the table.

Enjoy the Holiday Weekend…I am showing properties all day Sat…taking cold water for sure…loving this market!  I have a great family coming from Michigan…soon to be Buckeyes!  OH  IO…bringing their 3 little girls, and grandparents to see their final 3.






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  1. sheila

    love your comments. thanks for the tip. guess i will be going to the sunbury flea market this weekend. have a great memorial day weekend. don’t work too hard and good luck with the michiganders.

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