Sometimes Better Things Come Along…Columbus Ohio Real Estate

Two times this Spring, I have had buyers that have been disappointed when purchase contracts and/or inspections did not end with a closing.  At the time, both buyers were very disappointed until….something much better came along.  It always happens this way…Always!  I believe things happen for a reason.  Truly…in both cases the buyers were much happier with their final purchase.

When I am not sure, feel uncomfortable about an inspection, appraisal and/or price, I do not push my clients to make a decision.  As a realtor, I feel my job is to gather as much information as possible, find honest answers to all questions, and negotiate for my buyer or seller’s best interest.

I have often shared that I have only one reputation as a Realtor.  I protect that at any cost.  My satistied clients are my marketing plan.  I plan to keep it that way.

My new photo….Honesty is also one of my virtues…I think the photographer took at least 20 years off my age in this photo….love photoshop….much less painful than  Botox, etc.



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