Chef Michael Symon…Lola, Lolita,B Spot…PORK, BACON, LARD

Just back from a weekend in Cleveland…visit with former O.S.U. roommate…always so much fun.  And of course we packed as much fun as possible…shopping, golf, restaurants, new casino, baseball game, fireworks, and visiting her 92 year old mother.  Still catching up on sleep…..just not the same as those days of all nighters on 16th Ave.

George, being a Food Network/Cooking Channel fan, enjoyed checking out Lola’s.  So Michael Symon and my Uncle Tom, a pig farmer, would be good friends…..hog heaven.  Pork, bacon, and/or lard in almost every dish.  French Fries…cooked in lard…very good!  Lentil soup…creamy…and a little bacon…great start to the meal.

Lola’s located in the East Fourth Area…Walking distance to so many other food choices..and a few blocks from the new Horse Shoe Casino…

George’s Treat…6 AM Dessert…Fried French Toast with Maple and Bacon Ice Cream.  Interesting Ice Cream!


B Spot…Burgers, Brats, Beer, and Bourbon…..Michael is a Cleveland boy…Won season 1 of The Next Iron Chef…When in Cleveland check out his restaurants…worth a trip!


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