Cupcakes…and Shots…Great Day

Emily being home for 48 hours…we had to make a trip to The Bungalow and The Collection in Powell, Ohio…great stuff…and at half the cost of Scottsdale.  So as we are chatting on the way to the car…a sign appeared..”Pink Moon Cupcake Bakery“.  What to do…and with Jeni’s Ice Cream in sight too.  Pink Moon won…so inviting, an adorable little building and within steps of our pathway.

Emily had Snickerdoodle and I chose German Chocolate Cake…and we took home for George, Red Velvet and Keylime…The cakes were so light, but rich with flavor…..and the frosting…sugary, buttery, with crystals of crunchy sugar…and that is where the shot came in…  Frosting has always been my favorite part of the cupcake…At the Pink Moon you can purchase a shot of frosting…yes a shot of frosting…better than cleaning the mixing bowl with a spatula.  We had a great conversation with the owner…a civil engineer that with the encouragement of his wife, started this business 5 years ago.  Columbus Parent Magazine has voted the Pink Moon as the NO. 1 Cupcake Bakery in town…I bet most parents don’t buy their children a shot of frosting.

Emily and the owner had conversation about Sprinkles, a cupcake store that is located in several locations now…Much more pricey but not as good in flavor as the Cupcakes we enjoyed at Pink Moon.  Sprinkles now have ATM locations…Cupcakes anytime…but not frosting shots.


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