Least Expensive Wall Treatment/Paper Yet…Completed within Hours!

Over the 48 hour time I had with Emily this past weekend we checked out The Collection in Powell….always a treat…so many ideas to get that creative gene going.  Emily noticed this wall…pages from an old book taped to a wall….

Very cool…lots of texture, easy to remove when tired of the look and all we needed was double-sided tape…$3.95 and an old book from our “lower level”.  Didn’t want to destroy one of my great grandmother’s books….so we used one of my flea market finds.  The most difficult part was tearing the binding off the book, cutting the threads, and separating the pages.  So the powder room is now papered with The French Quarter .

You can see me in the corner of the mirror…love having a camera/phone with me.  Great way to capture ideas…


 Rolled some old Music for an extra dome…and The French Quarter is ready for guests.  This small room was perfect…small, no moisture or light…should stay until I am tired of this look. 

Also found some dishwasher safe black numbers to attach to wine glasses…my friends are now numbered…no more charms…but remember your number…  I tried stencils and paint…not so good for me.  The stickers, Home Depot, weather proof…much better.  Libby oversized wine glasses…6 for $12.95 at TJ MAX.  We had seen a set of the numbered glasses in Az….priced at over $100.00….and these … 12 for under $27.00. 

Thankful for simple, fast projects, and thankful for the market change and FUN clients.  Life is good!


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