Be Careful when Hiring a Contractor…Real Estate Columbus Ohio

Just sent a buyer 4 names to interview for remodeling a master bathroom.  As a realtor, I try to carefully review names I give to my clients.  I am always concerned for my clients as well as my reputation…as referrals from past clients … my only marketing plan.

So I saw these following guidelines from a REMAX publication that I would encourage everyone including myself to follow:

  • Ask around…talk with people who have had work done recently.  Also refer to National Association of the Remodeling Industry (  and Angie’s List.
  • Interview Prospects…how many projects are they working on right now, letters and contacts of reference, appointments to  see some of their completed work, how long have they worked with their current suppliers and subcontractors…
  • Meet the Contractor…Clear all finalists with the Better Business Bureau
  • Assess the Facts…visit a current work site
  • Make Plans and Get Bids…Ask contractor to break down cost of materials, labor, profit margins and other expenses.
  • Set a Payment Schedule…A payment schedule is a good way to add incentive markers to getting your project done on time.
  • Don’t Go by Price Alone…sometimes you get what you pay for…
  • Require a Contract…get everything in writing..payment schedule, proof of liability insurance, worker’s compensation payments, a start date, a projected completion date, and specific products and materials to be used.  Additionally, require that the contractor obtain lien releases, which protect you if he doesn’t pay his bill from all suppliers and subcontractors.
  • Watch Out for Change Orders…can increase the cost…

We have personally learned the lesson of picking the “wrong” window replacement company…very expensive mistake!  Buyer Beware…..Research even well known companies!


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