Pain…She is Killing Me! But I Love It!

Just last week, I was talking to a long time friend…actually friends since first grade.  We were discussing aging…and of course how good we look for our age…”that is why she is still a good friend”..she had just been to a high school reunion.  In our conversation, we also discussed that being healthy is our no. one goal.  I had shared that I have to keep moving  to not feel the pain and stiffness of  arthritis that I certainly inherited from my father’s side of the family.

I have belonged to a gym for several years…good because I stay for at least an hour once I get there, I know a lot of people there so talking also becomes part of the routine…actually pick up Real Estate clients on some days…and lots of different things to do, indoor track, pool, yoga, etc..  I have a short attention span.  This has been good but I knew I needed someone to push me…more exercise and less talking???

I have worked with Kathy Williams, kwilliams314@gmail for almost a year now.  She is a former student…Westerville North Warrior…and also a OSU alumni…so how could I go wrong.  Kathy has her own business but also trains at a couple of gyms so she is extremely flexible. (Kathy is still taking new clients.)  This summer we have been meeting at Hoover Dam at 7:15 AM (I am an early bird and just love running up those steps?!?) on pretty days and on hot days in my “lower level”…remember realtors don’t call basements…basements.  I have her coffee ready and down we go.  She is extremely knowledgeable, flexible, cheerful, motivating and fun to share the time training.  She makes up different programs which I really like as I get bored easily.  Kathy is trained in Cross Fit…principal is strength and conditioning that is by design, broad, general and inclusive rather than spot training.  I may look about the same but I truly feel much better…and I am ready to climb Camelback this fall when in Az.


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