More Inexpensive Ideas…LOW COST Budget in Columbus Ohio Real Estate

Promised to send you some more ideas from recent Parade of Homes…my camera is full!   Don’t you just love our cameras in our phones!  So handy for shopping…I am sure that is why we have them.  Love helping my daughters make selections from across the country…we can still shop together and not on my account$$$.

I know where my bird bath is going…of course after I scrub it a little.  I have brought it in for Christmas with greenery, bulbs, etc.  This looked great on granite island…..or could easily hold a large serving plate of appetizers…and the list goes on.

Sticks in coffee beans…or sand…or shells…or whatever…..left natural, sprayed colors, sprayed with snow for the holidays…gather those sticks…   More to come.  Leaving to stage an empty house…..this is when my inventory of transitional stuff in my lower level comes in handy.  Stay cool today…and George is playing golf…how can that be fun when it is projected to be 99 in OHIO today.


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