Found My New Assistants….Columbus Ohio Real Estate

I have had to use my flashlight to show lower levels these last 2 days…and take cold water so we could deal with no air but I think I have found my new assistants.  As I have mentioned before, I really enjoy the people……esp. the little ones.  On Friday I was showing one of my favorite listings …6900 Linworth…if you would like a stream, country living but 12 minutes to OSU…ok no more advertising.  I met a family of four…2 little boys…starting Kindergarten  and Second Grade next year.  Well, of course these guys could truly appreciate the lot…hate to be a sexist but probably saw more possibilities that most little girls….The following comments are what I would  say could seal the deal for their new career:

1.  May I go down to the lower level with my shoes on?  ( I asked his mother, did he say lower level…and she said we now live in a 5 level split…yes he did.)

2. We could put our Christmas tree right here Dad?

3. Since there are all wood, floors we could wear our shoes in this house.

4. Dad, could you help us build a tree house in the back yard?

5. How many frogs live here?

6. There is enough space for our toys in the lower level…..both of us!

7. How many stairs can you jump to get to the lower level…the carpet is soft down here…

8.  Dad, I think this wall could come down…can you do that by yourself?

Needless to say, they were entertaining…

Moved here as Father is Construction Manager for University Hospital…so maybe that is where they get their early start with Real Estate.

Back to Linworth…Columbus taxes, Worthington Schools…Evening Street Elementary too.



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