More Sins that Date Decor…Real Estate Columbus Ohio

Good article in Today’s Columbus Dispatch…yes I am of that generation that likes to hold a paper in my hands as I drink my morning cup of coffee.  In the Home & Garden Section I read over the Seven Sins that date decor:

  • Mauve…the color Mauve….I agree.  I usually take a paint palette that you can pick up free at Pottery Barn to give home sellers…Most of these colors are safe and there is no Mauve…Restoration Hardward also has great, neutral color samples.  You can purchase other brands of paint to match the samples…probably better paint..
  • Flower Power…Upholsterd furniture in flower prints…not good…especially if the arms are still covered in plastic
  • Tiles…not to look like a ceramics showroom
  • Valences…or heavy draperies…lace and layers of fabric….looks like a funeral parlor…got to go
  • Bright oriental rugs…the ones that you might see hanging on the corner of a busy intersection
  • Wallpaper borders…on top of wallpaper…and different designs in each room
  • Track lighting…not so sure about that…but overhead lights…bright…not so good.  Reminds me of cafeteria duty in the teacher days.


I  will add a few more I see:

  • Dark wood paneling…easy to paint a light color…a world of difference
  • Walls of family photos…with nail holes behind every frame
  • 100 magnets on the refrigerator
  • Plastic trash cans in every bathroom and beside the furniture in the family room
  • In “empty nesters homes”, bedrooms that look like their 35-year-old children moved out yesterday
  • Appliances that look like they belong in a museum…but still work great…microwave on a cart
  • Collections of ceramic statues on every flat surface
  • Cobwebs
  • Holiday Decorations Up All Year

When updating a home to sell or to just enjoy, I suggest going to a model home…check it out.  The Parade of Homes is also a great place for ideas…Spend an afternoon at the bookstore or library…looking at magazine,etc.  Trends always seem to come back…Wallpaper is coming back (not borders and flowers), granite counter tops are being replaced, and more brass fixtures…


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