Daughters and Mothers…Nothing Like It!

It has been a while…still catching up on work after spending time with my daughters.  I feel somewhat popular as several people shared they have missed my chatter…so I am back with some quick thoughts:

  • Nothing is better than enjoying your grown children as your best friends.
  • Laughing is the Best Medicine!
  • Instagram and Diptic are now familiar terms to me
  • There are several characteristics of parents my age that are getting old according to the Yanok sisters:  1.  Negative Attitudes 2. Reluctance to change  3. Set in a routine/schedule 4. Being afraid to try or learn something new 5. Not wearing make-up and/or looking your best when you leave your house  6. Repeating yourself    These are just a few of the warning signs….. I took notes.  I do listen to my daughters as they are right on target most of the time.
  • L.A. traffic is enough reason to stay away from California
  • A steam cleaner can clean any surface in just a few minutes and is environmentally friendly

The list could go on but back to work for now.

Free organization class at Pottery Barn this Sunday, August 19 at Easton…10:00 AM.  Less is more…get rid of the clutter!







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