Inexpensive, Fun Deco Ideas with Andi

Living so far away from my daughters really does make it difficult to help them with decorating advice.  Many times  photos pop up on my phone, Mom, what do you think?, Should I buy this?, What is this arrangement on the table missing?.  So over the phone…and now face time…I can say, move it over to the left, it needs something with some color, more texture, show me what you have in storage…not a good price,  I will look for it and ship it out…So when I am right there…my mind doesn’t stop.

Andi has a mantel over her fireplace that is so narrow…very difficult to arrange anything interesting.  We have been looking for a mantel in Ohio and CA. for the last year with no luck.  When we were in San Diego a few weeks ago, she saw a window with words she loved…$150…Andi, we can make this, we just have to find a window.

We did find a window, brought it back home, and…we decided we don’t need a mantel anymore…$25 for the window…I think she may go back to the store and buy more windows in different sizes…great Christmas presents…


Old lamps spray painted black…found these great lamp shades for $15 each…like these so much I am ordering some for myself…really cute!

Found the perfect bench to complete her foyer…and added more photos below the moving flats…we found last visit…and she is also using the bench in photo shoots for her photography business…

Another find in Sacremento…$25 table….Couldn’t find a place inside…but could go many places…

A piece of old luggage…always a good find…accessory, storage, stack for tables…$20  Rolled up paper that was left in the sun to turn brown, rolled up in a glass container…

Andi’s front flower bed…thank you Mike! Too bad I don’t have a before photo…Wish we had a longer growing season in Ohio..



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One response to “Inexpensive, Fun Deco Ideas with Andi

  1. sheila

    great work, emma. you are talented in so many ways.

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