Rule No. One of Collections…Going on Roadtrip Today in a Pickup Truck…Can’t Wait!!!

I love collecting things…ask George about that…so many______collections.  He seems to have the same name for all of my collections.  In arranging any collection always remember to group them in one space…not all over the entire house!  When I list properties, I try to encourage sellers to put away some collections, and to group others…the worst I have had to deal with was 100’s of Precious Moments all over a 4000 sq. ft. house.

A few years ago I was listing a  property that belonged to a former Otterbein University theatre professor.  He was taking photos of miniature stage sets of every play he had  created during his career and then…throwing them in the trash!!!!!  I had to stop this 80 plus client…all of the work and pride in his work…in the trash can?  He had this beautiful desk…with wonderful glass cabinet that went up to the ceiling of his living room.  We arranged all of the wooden sets in the shelves…they looked great and he could still look at them and enjoy.  I also suggested to him that he donate them to the University when time.

I started collecting old cameras for Andi, the photographer.  Grouped them all in an old wooden box…kept the look with all silver and black…so much better than cameras all over the house…  My favorite camera she has is my father’s old movie camera…which he took to every event.  He always attended every school/sport/club, etc…never missed…

Going with my sister-in-law today in a PICK UP TRUCK to look for some treasures….Looking forward to an excellent day.




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