Milestone Event at the Yanok Homestead

Had so much fun on my recent roadtrip with my sister-in-law and brother.  I brought home a great window…$10.00 for somewhere and the most exciting item was a 9 foot door from the inside of someone’s home…dark wood, glass panes, beautiful…split the double doors with my sister-in-law.  It will soon be my door to no where…

The BIG change…the  very large Senior Photos of Emily and Andi are now retired to our lower level.  I used to get teary eyed when I would look at them after they left home…but now…time for a change.  I do have some great photos that Andi has taken of our family but the large photos…no more.  Hopefully George will cooperate with Andi over the holidays so she can take some more family photos.  Photos are replaced with my grandmother’s typewriter and my uncle’s adding machine, lamp from my great, great grandfather’s general store, my father’s shaving mug, and the list goes on…good junk!



And I shredded my 3 year piano music book….put inside a lamp…love this shade.  Available at Old World Bazar…saw it first when I found them for Andi’s bar lights in CA.   OHHHH, so glad my mother did not see me shred my music…and I do wish I would have kept playing the piano.

Enjoy this weather…in OHIO, beautiful FALL weather, finally!



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