Start YOUR Engines…Country Living Fair this Weekend in Columbus, OHIO

Fall is finally here…the leaves are turning, the Buckeyes are winning, the air is cooler.  I love blackboard chalk…just painted the side of an ugly box…was nice in it’s day…but now much better…Transforming house from summer…bye, bye shells and on to fall…hello pinecones, wheat, pumpkins…

I use almost the same containers, est…just change the contents and colors.  For example, pinecones are good from now to January 1.  This process is fun and I always include and/or transform “stuff” from the lower level, use some of our family favorites, and of course collect new.  I also wanted to start the transformation before this weekend, so I can take inventory and see what I need before Springfield Antiques and Flea Market and the Country Living Fair.  Both events are so much fun…treasure hunt!  Can’t believe that I am actually not going to the OSU game…the guys are all going to the game…cooking breakfast  and the girls…with the pickup truck…yes you got it…  Maybe we will tailgate at the fleamarket…new idea?  I am glad to find time to blog…have been very busy…thank you to all of my past clients for your referrals…market is good…interest rate is still low…inventory of existing properties is down….



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