Full Service Columbus Ohio Real Estate…

I am not an attorney, financial advisor, and/or home inspector but a Full SERVICE Realtor.  And so you are thinking, what is a Full SERVICE Reator?

  • Researching schools to find schools that offer a combination of specified courses
  • Making overnight reservations for pets
  • Hanging art/photos
  • Cleaning refrigerator, seller forgot before they left town
  • Meeting new home owner at furniture store to help with selections
  • Editing resume for spouse that is looking for a job and/or providing a list of prospective employers
  • Arranging for family to tour scveral schools, interview principal and attend a school event
  • Shopping for hostess gifts for client that is attending a dinner with prospective employers
  • Demonstrating how to use an appliance
  • Watching/entertaining children while clients preview a property (usually in their car or in the yard of the new property)

And the list could go on and on…so why do I do these things?  Change is stressful, even good change…Families are important, so important I want to see all members as happy as posssible about the move…I enjoy building rapport with my clients, they depend on me for information.  If I don’t have the answers, I will help them find the ansewers.   I always encourage my clients to call/email/text before and after the closing.

So Weddings, First Birthdays, Showers…yes I am invited…..I enjoy the journey…the process of finding the property and making that property a home.



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