Spray Paint without Fatigue…Real Estate Columbus Ohio

Spray paint, White, Black, and my new favorites Rubbed Bronze and Brushed Nickel…can help save the homeowner $$$…even light fixtures, electrical face plates….all can be changed very easily with spray paint.  Take your time, several coats…and you will be pleasantly surprised.   RUST-OLEUM’s Comfort Grip fits on spray tip of can.  Fingers don’t get covered with paint, easier to spray a light, even coat…….and yes no finger fatigue…Are you laughing?  Try painting several frames, light fixtures, etc…and you will soon understand why this paint can attachment is great to have.

Spray paint…so many ideas…so easy…so inexpensive…  My old country dark, wood decor…turned gold…turned white… turned rubbed bronze…who knows…minutes to change….

Great idea I think…paint old Chargers for table setting with chalkboard paint…use for different holidays…chalk at each place setting…what am I thankful for at Thanksgiving, etc.  Have fun!


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