Less is MORE…Stuff in our Lower Level…Downsizing???

             I can never imagine living without a basement.  In thinking of downsizing, I get so many feelings…relief, sadness, freedom, frustration, joy…and the list goes on.  Just recently my niece was in my lower level looking for a book that belonged to my father, her grandfather…Aunt Emma, you have so many lamps, etc.  My reply was if you see something you like it is NO CASH and CARRY.  Storage includes my transitional furniture and accessories (move something to another room and it is new again…or I can use to stage a listing), toys, dolls, costumes, prom dresses, books, wooden puzzles, Legos, dollhouse (for my grandchildren to play with  or to take with me when clients have children to entertain in the car or at a closing), holiday decorations (trees and wreaths that stay decorated all year), exercise equipment, craft items, spray paint, my children’s school papers and art projects, awards k-12…and the list could go on and on.

And as I talk to clients in the Columbus Ohio Real Estate Market, I hear the same words, I have so many things that belong to my kids…they don’t want them, but they don’t want me to get rid of their stuff for so many reasons.  Our daughters live in Arizona, and California….the land of no basements.  Even though they have purchased their own homes,  storage is somewhat of a problem.

I recently taught a class at the Westerville Community Center on “Downsizing”.  We covered everything from the emotional part of downsizing, to choices of real estate in Columbus, Ohio area,  to resources that will help with selling, donating, or disposing of unwanted items.   It was so interesting to me to hear the same stories…”Our parents gave us “this” that they took from their parents when they really didn’t want “this”…and the story goes on.

More ranch homes with a full basement for storage is much-needed in the Columbus Ohio Real Estate market.




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