Identifying Your OWN Home/Deco Style…a Process

Evolving, transitional, developing, changing, creating a home furnishing style……..Key word is HOME and that would be YOUR Home.  Anyone can purchase a style…from a store window, or a fabulous decorator…and usually, the decor will be very predictable and may be seen in several different homes.  When helping buyers, they often ask for my advice.  I try to remind them that I am not the person that will be making the house payments or covering the home furnishing costs.

Easy exercise to help identify your likes and dislikes:  Just gave this idea to a young couple that don’t even live in the same city right now…exercise really works for all ages…no matter where you are in the Life Cycle or your Economic Status…downsizing, first home, building, relocating…it works.

1.  When looking at printed magazines, etc. tear out rooms you like.  Toss them in a box.  Continue this habit for a few months…maybe even for a couple of years.   After a few months, take a look at the photos you have both saved.  Look for trends, similarities…together you will see your style.  Pinterest may be another method to “find” your Home/Deco Style.  Share Pinboards.

2.  When watching a TV shows, list rooms and/or “sets” you like.  Why do you like them?

Many of my real estate clients want to furnish the entire house…some even making purchases before they move in…I think you may want to actually live in the house before you purchase furnishings.  Mistakes can be costly!  This is a process that continues and evolves…the “gathering and reusing”  is the fun.  Enjoy!

Just REMEMBER, make it YOU.


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