Looking Beyond the Brick and Mortar…Columbus Ohio Real Estate

Had dinner with some former clients this weekend.  I was so excited to see the house after they had worked to make the house their home.  Knowing that the Mrs. is a very talented professional, decorator and the Mr. loves to work with landscaping/outdoor projects, I was so excited to see the results.  And, I was not disappointed!  They have the gift to see beyond the Brick and Mortar…fantastic renovation, so much personality, and plans for more “dreams to come true”.  I wish all my buyers had this gift of being able to see possibilities.  I remember having a buyer that didn’t want to purchase a house because the dining room was used as an extra office.  The chandelier was hanging in the middle of the room, large windows, and located next to the kitchen.  “But this is not a dining room!”

The best way to see a home you’re really interested in is with an experienced agent.  Many buyers aren’t good at visualizing a home any other way than how it’s  shown. An experienced agent should be able to show you how you can change the property to make it your HOME.  I never tire of showing buyers numerous properties…not a waste of time for me.   These unproductive tours (please don’t apologize) only help me increase the inventory of homes, decorating ideas, etc. that are in my mind as well as let me know what the buyer doesn’t want.   I do like to shop and bargain…great negotiator,  buying, selling, downsizing…these are changes that can be extremely stressful, I am patient and nurturing…and looking beyond the Brick and Mortar…Creativity, Possibilities, LOVE the process.

Having fun in Columbus Ohio Real Estate Market.  Join me!


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