Busy Time is Here! New Places, New Ideas…Energy!

What a Great DAY!  So here I go…I just read that a blog can be a Collage of Ideas…

Found a new WAREHOUSE of Furniture and Accessories…thanks to a client.

TROVE Warehouse, 2325 Wood Ave. Columbus, Ohio 43321…what a eclectic collection of treasures…changes every week.  (close to corner of Kenny and Lane)


Only open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Small warehouse full of goodies.









  They close to restock…could be fun!









Also saw a bookcase this week…..just like my great grandmother’s that is now a bar…shared this photo with my niece who is now the owner of the bookcase/bar.

If YOU have time:

Happy Holidays from The Collection


Thursday, November 15, 5-9

41 Depot St., Powell, OHIO




I attended a Continuing Education Class today to update my Real Estate License…fully intended to be a bit bored…the BEST class I have attended for a while.  SOCIAL NETWORKING 2012…Sean M. Carpenter was the Instructor.  He opened by describing a good day for him at work:  Build Relationships, Solve Problems for Others, and have FUN!   Definitely my philosophy…must have FUN…easy when you truly love people and like to have fun!

Can’t wait for the Yanok Sisters to arrive next week…and Mike too.  I have so much to teach them about Social Networking…like “Social Media is about sociology and paychology more than technology.”  I can just see their faces now.

Getting back to work…must get all clients happy before my family is together next week.






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