OSU/Michigan Week in Columbus OHIO…Family Traditions

Yes, it is  BEAT MICHIGAN Week in Columbus, Ohio…very hard to explain what it is like to NEW Buckeyes moving to Columbus (always suggest they ask for OSU tickets in their contract) …a very crazy week filled with excitement, a little anxiety, hearing the OSU BAND around town, many predictions, new words to Michigan’s fight song, etc.

For me, it brings back so many memories.  My parents owned their own business so long vacations were not an option instead every Saturday morning when the Buckeyes played at home, we all waited for my father to come home from Schmitt’s Dairy (drivers on their routes, coolers working in all the stores, and equipment was working in the plant).  For the day, we were a family on vacation.  My Father would also pick at least one away game to follow the Bucks!  Yes, I do remember the stadium being open, then the bleachers, and finally as it is today.

And now we still go to the games as a family.  Luckily we have eight tickets together…so my brother and his family and George and I are usually tailgating on Saturday’s in Columbus, Ohio.  Our girls ended up going to Arizona State, breaking the family tradition, but this weekend they will be sitting with the family in the Shoe. Uncle John found four more tickets in the next section.  My mother is unable to make the trip (she will be wearing her Buckeye necklace and watching the game) and I think my Father will be looking down with a BIG SMILE.  GO BUCKS, BEAT MICHIGAN!


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