Holiday Season…Concord Counseling Spreading Cheer…Help Make a Difference!

Just got the email below from the Executive Director at Concord in Westerville, Ohio, 43081.  I sit on the Board of Directors and we are continuously trying to help/support/encourage our clients.  Please consider the opportuntity described below:

Dear most-generous Board Members:

Once again the staff of Concord are honoring the true meaning of the holidays by purchasing gifts for clients who need our support.  However, this year the staff have decided that it is the adults in our various programs that often go without a single gift during the holidays, while many other charitable organizations donate generously to the children.  As Keiffer Erdmann, manager of our special programs said, year after year I see the children in our programs get quite a few gifts donated by many organizations while their parents receive nothing.

So for this reason we are hoping to collect 80+ gift bags filled with small gifts for an adult. Examples of items might be – cards, perfume, lotion, gloves, mittens, socks, small box of chocolates, note pads, puzzle books, hard candies, personal items (brush, comb, etc.), jewelry, socks, pens, etc…..  We are hoping for stocking-type stuffers in the bag and please keep the cost around $20 – $25 for fairness sake.

Then by Dec. 14 at the latest, bring your gift bag to the board room.  Mark with a red ribbon whether your bag is for a woman or with a green ribbon if for a man. Ribbon is provided in the board room.  Staff have been submitting names and will collect the bags for their identified adult client and deliver the gift bags from Concord the week of 12/17.

Lets make this a happy holiday season for everyone this year!   And thank you as you consider this invitation to participate.

This is an easy request to consider.  You can drop off your Bag of Goodies at 700 Brooksedge Blvd., Westerville, Ohio 43081.

   614-882-9338    Please check out Concord’s website for hours and learn more about Concord.


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