Inexpensive…Cheap…Holiday Decor…Burlap and Rope…Mason Jars too!

I am back…busy time right now.  The Yanok halls are decked all but the Christmas Tree.  In years past, the Christmas Tree goes up on Andi’s Birthday, 12/13….the best present we ever got for Christmas!  As the years have passed, we now put up the Christmas Tree when both of our girls are home…has been as late as 12/24, but traditions have to be adjusted as families change.  Now our  tree is not an easy venture…it must be REAL and usually 16-18 ft. tall.  Watching George wrestle with the tree is part of the tradition…always a fun evening…not at all the traditional Hallmark Card.

As most of my friends know, low-cost helps make my decor more of a challenge and satisfying.

Loving Mason Jars!  Buy several sizes…$12 for a dozen.  Last year I put snow, Christmas trees, and houses in them as table favors…got the $30/jar idea at Anthropology.  I have been using them all year…that is what is so economical about Mason Jars.   They just add that little sparkle..,and very safe to put almost anywhere.  Great to scatter around the dinner table, buffet tables, front porch…group them or as a single.   Greens and rope…


Sand dollars collected several years ago, burlap ribbion, (Proper Garden $65, 2 yards of Burlap cut $6)


Bulap, Burlap, Burlap Again…Covered some old pots…snow, rain…no problem…Cut and staple…


Front Door…LOW Cost is the winning game.


Burlap Bows Again…


Hope this gives you some ideas…

And speaking of traditions, this year our family decided no presents…which means no shopping, no wrapping…which is a big time saver and kind of refreshing.  Instead we are planning a family vacation…destination has to have 2 criteria…George’s idea.  We must go where none of us have been before and see something we have never seen before.  Started discussion at  Thanksgiving and voting on Christmas.  Everyone gets a vote…Mike, Andi’s boyfriend will be the tie breaker.  Send any ideas my way…who knows where we will end up…I am voting on a destination with some modern conveniences…thatched roof, outside shower…not my idea of fun.

Enjoy the SEASON!


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