Keep your Community Safe…Mental Health Agencies Need YOUR Support.

We have all been doing a lot of thinking these last few days…what are the answers?

I serve on the Board of Directors at our local Community Counseling Center, Concord Counseling, in Westerville, Ohio.  So many years and still today, mental health has the same social stigmas…weakness, crazy, and the list could go on.  Even though we know that genetics, enviroment…are the key factors, many people still seem to try to keep mental illness a secret.    Not only the families of the innocent children and the teachers but also parents of children suffering from mental illness…are all suffering.  Security…so many feelings about gun control, building lock downs, etc.  I feel that supporting your local Mental Health Centers as well as supporting research for more treatments can only help keep our communities. safe.  Contact your Community Counseling Center to find out how you can become a friend … volunteering, organize drives for client needs…so many ways.  If you want to become a part of the solution, get involved today.  So many families need YOU.


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