International Photographer…Right Here in Columbus, Ohio

The Best Part of being a REALTOR, is the people you meet…fascinating! What brings them to Columbus, Ohio? Most of my clients become my friends by the time we find them a home. I would like you to meet Eunice Montenegro. Take the time to view some of her photographs on her website…..Beautiful! Eunice has traveled the world for destination weddings…3 days, rehearsal, wedding, and trash the dress. As she is only there for a short time, she shared she takes thousands of photos…she has to have great photos when she returns home to edit. She recalled some very interesting stories. I ask her how she knows she got some great shots…she shared when the couple is in love, the photos always come out great….their eyes, the way they look at each other…true happiness. Eunice is still traveling but would like to start-up her business here in the Columbus area. I would love to be her assistant on some of these trips…and why not…she is fun and some exotic places. Enuice is offering some special packages right now…summer weddings…let’s help keep her in Columbus…She needs some time to unpack and enjoy her new home.


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