Young Life Seeds were Planted at Westerville North High School in Westerville, Ohio…



Julie Richardson, Ryan Snow, Ally Hachett and others should be proud of what they started a few years back at Westerville North High School. Four former Warriors reunite in Denver this week for Young Life Training. Susan Kehoe, Jeff Marht, PW , and Andi Yanok…so many camp and weekend retreats and now they are all leading YL in Indiana, North Carolina and California. Young Life is an International, Christian organization that cares about all kids.
As a REMAX Realtor, I have supported our national project, The Children’s Miracle Network, for several years. So many children to be cared for in our Children’s Hospitals! Having a daughter that shares so many stories of young people that need support in today’s world, I now donate a portion of my commission to YOUNG LIFE for every house I sell.
Paying forward does feel good…In this economy, nonprofits are counting on us. Bullies, school violence, teen parents…I know my money is well spent.


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