Can’t You Just be my Mother and NOT a REALTOR in Columbus, Ohio

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Great News! Our daughter is moving from Philadelphia in May. What this means to me…one hour flight, 8 hour drive (I can actually take “stuff” instead of ship), conversations in the same time zone…no more, are you sleeping…45 minute train ride to NYC.

First Stage: Condo Sold in less than 2 weeks for more $$$ than she paid using the same REMAX REALTOR I referred her to back when she was buying…Anyone need a REALTOR in the Scottsdale area…We have found a fantastic mother/daughter team.

Second Stage: So many questions, should I buy or rent, suburb or city, new or old, how fast will the interest rate go up, and the list goes on. During this stage…I did my usual due diligence that I use with all buyers…How long do you think you will be living in PA? Safety is Key! What does it feel like to be House Poor? How far do you want to drive? And after a long conversation after a long day at work, and an evening MBA class, she said, “Mom, can’t you just be my Mother and not a REALTOR?”

Third Stage: Emily is a smart girl and makes good choices…after all making money on a condo in Scottsdale after 3.5 years…As she has been traveling to PA for work for the last few years, she is exploring different areas of Philly…And she has even invited me to Philly in a few weeks to accompany her and her REALTOR to start the search… I will be her Mother first with Realtor knowledge hidden in my pocket…I promise.


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One response to “Can’t You Just be my Mother and NOT a REALTOR in Columbus, Ohio

  1. Linda Mirosavich

    Very happy you will be so close to Emily. I understand the travel since we go to LA to see Jeff and family. Good luck with being a mother and not a realtor. My advice is to bite your tongue when you feel the mom advice is coming – takes practice but I know you can do it!
    Love, Linda

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