Relocation from Scottsdale to Philadelphia … New Perspective for Realtor in Columbus, Ohio

Just spent 4 days with daughter in Pa.  Wow…after being on the other side of the car…exhausted, somewhat stressed, and did I say tired?  Experience is such a good teacher! Observation is also a great way to learn.   I love working with families that are relocating to Columbus, Ohio and try to help them minimize the stress of the move.  And now I even better understand that exhausted look they all seem to have after a weekend of searching for a property.  

Emily had good contacts from her company, and relo company and still we just couldn’t seem to be sure of different areas of town. Searching, talking with people, in and out of the car, different opinions from colleagues and friends… and twice as much $$$ in PA. Scottsdale = everything new! Philadelphia = everything old! Both having good qualities but just so different.

I try to do the following:
Communicate before client comes to Columbus
Set them up on an automated search based on their search criteria before they arrive
Find out each family member’s interests, needs, educational needs
Arrange for tours/interviews of schools where client has interest
Arrange for phone conference for client and guidance counselor etc. to explain course offerings when client does not have time to return to Columbus area
Provide reference contacts from former clients
Never push them to make a decision if unsure…the reason I don’t market…word of mouth is the BEST advertisement!
Always bring a preapproval letter so we know where we should be in price and stay within those limits
Offer to pick them up from airport
Honor and respect their time and the money they have spent for airfare
Provide them with current reading materials…Columbus Monthly, neighborhood news…even though they can google…it is nice to read while traveling
Provide them with as much information as possible to help them make an educated decision
And most of all…show genuine care in helping them through the process.

Even though I have lived in the area for years, I just completed the Certified Tourism Ambassador certification with Experience Columbus.


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